De Enclosed Dress

House of Baju Kurung


With a trousseau of 25 designs rendered  in a hundred different colours, this limited 'ready-to-wear' range allows customers the creative freedom to glam up or dress down their De Enclosed Dress. Hence each De Enclosed Dress would be distinctly different!

Glamour pusses may prefer to 'glam up' the basic De Enclosed Dress ensemble with Asian Atelier's signature range of lace patches trimmed with semi-precious and precious stones, fancy beads, jewel-like crystals; exquisite French lace borders or whimsical imported embellishments such as pearls, sparkling sequins, semi-precious gems, etc while classic cavaliers can always embrace their pared-down philosophy.

Yet Rin’z ensures that there is always style in the details: eye-catching tops are refined with collars and soft necklines while skirts boast billowy, voluminous flair. To capture and reflect the cheery Raya celebrations, layers upon layers of drapes and pleats in super-fine fabrics like satin and silks reinforce Rinz's inherent love for her indigenous Malay-cultured couture.

Featuring an ample colour palette that ranges from black, gray and beige to pastels, shiny and faded tones, De Enclosed Dress is eminently versatile - perfect for formal functions, casual chill-out events or even the workplace.