Fashion House



The Asian Atelier’s fashion house retails multi-brands by Asian designers from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Among the multi-brands under Asian Atelier are Chantiq Skaly (House of Kebaya), Enclosed Dress (House of Baju Kurung), Faizah&Faizul (Caftans), Alin Anuar Couture Shoes, Maharani Accessories, ChantiqChantiq Clutch and Sarva. The brands' uniqueness lies in the combination of intricate sewing, embroidery and appliqué handwork with contemporary designs. The mastery of those artistic touches is evident in most of the pieces found either in the apparel collection or accessories line. The Asian Atelier brands are currently available online and in selected boutiques in Singapore, Jakarta and New York. 


Asian Atelier offers ample facilities for the production of women’s clothing line, uniforms and accessories for small and medium-sized businesses at reasonable cost. Our clientele includes boutique owners, designers and corporate organizations.