* hi alin, the kebaya and shoes are so pretty and i like it very much. Thank you.

Rosenah - United Kingdom                                                           


* received the kebaya yesterday. I'm very pleased with it, fits me very well. Will recommend your service.

Fina - United Kingdom                                                                   


* The Kebaya itself is beautiful, looking forward to showing it off!

Susy Ho - Brunei Darussalam                                                        


* We totally love them! and it fits well too! thanks alot!

Nura - United States                                                                       


* Hello,

 I've just received the kebaya this morning and it is really gorgeous!!!

Lindy - Australia                                                                                


* Thank you. My kebaya has arrived and i fits perfectly.

Sally Johnson - Canada                                                                    


* The kebaya is gorgeous and fits very well,

it's perfect!THANKS!

Anita - Cyprus                                                                                     


* The kebaya dress was an absolute smash hit! Thank you

Katrina - United Kingdom                                                                   



* Thank you Chantiq Skaly for the beatiful kebaya! Very pleased with the outcome, and will recommend you to friends!

Anita H - Belgium                                                                                 


* Hello Alin

Its magnificent! The shoes are amazing too

JC - United Kingdom                                                                           


* The design of the kebaya does look really good. It does fit and the shoes are beatiful,

Thanks for the ard work.

Sherly - United Kingdom                                                                     


* done and fit perfectly!! i recommend chantiq skaly to everyone! thank you-thank you-thank you!

Emma Salomaa - Malaysia                                                                   


* Dress arrived today and it's perfect!!! I did imagine it to be really beautful but it's even more.Alin, huge thanks to you for everything!

Marianne Hullbosh - Finland                                                             


* Hi Alin, got the kebaya last nite. It's spectacular and perfect fit. Thanks so much.

Hwee Teoh - Australia                                                                           


* The kebaya and sarong fit great! Still intrested in a blue and purple based kebaya so let me know if anything good comes your way.

Kristen - Canada                                                                                     


* I could not believe my eyes when i opened the percal from you, the kebaya dress is stunning and a good fit too!

 Thank you chantiq skaly

Michelle Seow - Australia                                                                      


* They are PEREFECT! The top looks so much better than the photo, the skirt is gorgeous and the shoes are so pretty too. Thank you!

- Canada


* Dear Alin

Thank you very much, I have received the kebaya safely. It fits perfectly and am delighted with it.

Thank you!!!


Shanny - United Kingdom                                                                     


* Dear Alin

My 2 piece wedding dress is gergeous! you changed my mind about online shopping and it's fits well! definitely recommended.

Malena - United kingdom                                                                


* Thank you for the kebaya, the embroidery is beautidul.

Kikine - South Africa                                                                            


Azuree & I would like to thank Alin Anuar & team for both wedding costumes yang chantiqskalydalamdunia. Truely two of the most beautiful wedding costumes in the whole wide world (at least to Azuree and I). It turned out to be better than what we expected ..... The pictures say it all.

 -  Kuala Lumpur


* I only had 5 months to prepare for nikah and reception. Being the indecisive person, I had difficulty to decide on basically about everything... I'm blessed to have my bestest friend who is also a wedding planner to help me out... It is a great honour to have worked with Asian Atelier namely Alin... What I like most about Alin is... she listens to her customer's wants and needs. She understands what I like , what I want, how I want it to be, my limmitations and most importantly how to make my wedding day look expensive with only limited budget :)


I highly recommend her, use her service and you definetely won't habe any regrets!

Betty - Malaysia