Beauty Tips Brides Should Know!

I wished someone would have told me this before my big day:

  1. Healthy skin and hair is the key to a glowing bride. Not covering with makeup and certainly not by coloring my hair.

  2. Stress gets in the head and the whole wedding jitters and bridezilla moments ARE REAL.

  3. Drink a lot of water and exercise (seriously) - the breakouts and dry skin is due to poor eating habits that you tend to practice when planning the wedding.

  4. Don’t try to do everything yourself - delegate. Or else, the sleepless nights will cause serious eyebags!

So, ladies hear me out.. I don’t have the magic pill but I do think I cracked the code. The routine I started introducing to brides:

  1. Every breakfast drink a small water bottle (500ml) and subsequently, the same amount of water for lunch & dinner.

  2. After the 500ml water in the morning, chill a little then do a quick yoga sun salutation for 10mins to warm up the body for better blood flow.

  3. After the yoga, apply honey mask to face & the tip of the hair for 15 minutes (rosewater compress for the under eye would be an added bonus)

  4. Twice a month after work, prepare a hot salt bath to de-stress & relieve those muscle aches. Add some rose petals to the bath for aura cleansing which is a tradition in the malay culture for that special bridal glow.

That’s all it takes, really simple! I have been religiously doing the above routine for the last 2 years &I am real happy with the outcome (ps: turning 40 this year and I just want that “bridal glow” please)

So recently, I decided to launch a skincare line that is aligned to the bridal business I am in and what I have tried /tested on myself. Checkout my Etsy store for bridal beauty solutions that is handmade and of natural products for bride-to-be.  On top of that, some good read on the benefits of honey and salt bath here.





Love to hear what you think. Sending lots of love from Kuala Lumpur.


Alin Anuar

Start & Save Your Heirloom - bridal jewelry!

An heirloom is a valuable object that has belonged to a family for several generations. I simply love heirlooms’ and particularly jewelry because it is just beautiful!

In South East Asia, wedding jewelry is important as a sign of beauty and esteem. But the culture is slowly fading.. almost forgotten. Some brides would leave it to the parents to decide & most often it clashes with the wedding dress design & color. You could either be proactive and discuss in advance with the family as it can be a delicate matter or propose that you will start designing a special piece to be worn on the day.


As I work with brides in styling and preparing for the wedding, I came up with the idea of designing the bridal jewelry with traditional intricacy to match with the bridal kebaya. For the first collection, I went for the important piece and that is the “subang” ( in english - stud earrings) inspired by my grandmother’s and a pearl subang with vintage filigree.


The subang actually works well with any modern or traditional bridal dress. This classic piece of jewelry worn on your wedding can be shared in the family for several generations and creating your very own heirloom.

I advocate on keeping with the tradition and with a little tweak, making it relevant in today’s world. So, design your own jewelry that would work with your attire/theme & everything from head to toe is well put together on your big day.

Special tip: If you want to get the real vintage jewelry, I used to scout around small- town - jewelry shops in Malaysia to find the authentic vintage jewelry. Something like what my grandmother used to wear.


Alin Anuar


Many of our clients had been requesting for us to come to their home or office for bridal fittings and alterations . I had been looking into the request and really excited to announce that, YES! We can do this now. There will be no additional charge to this service and it is our way of saying THANK YOU for trusting in us.

Effective on 1st February 2019, the Atelier will offer the concierge seamstress service to your office or home. Our services include tailoring, fitting & delivery of bridal and custom attire (office wear included)

Book your appointment through the website and we look forward to serve you.

Spread the words!


Alin Anuar

She has a certain je ne sais quoi about her..

My journey as a bridal designer and planner has helped me learnt the art of listening. I  envision how they want to look like on their big day over casual chats and let my imagination run free. Recently, I met up with a young lady I had known since she was about 7 years old.

Today, she has blossomed into a beautiful young woman and ready to wed next summer in Sweden. There was a certain je ne sais quoi about her.. something truly effortless and beautiful. I knew immediately after listening to her story that I would call her the "parisian bride"

On being a parisian bride and here I am trying to sum it up into 4 points... In the way I think would resonate well with someone who appreciates beauty in the most natural form:

~ Less makeup & natural radiant skin

~ Comfortable & flowy gown/dresses ( no corsets and go bra less!)

~ Clean hairdo ( not too much hairspray please)

~ Simple and yet elegant veil

I continued my discussion with her and my mind was already preparing the mental moodboard on the dress cut, the material, the color and the antique lace trimmings.

As soon as we ended our meeting, I returned to my office and started my work on the moodboard and sent it across for her confirmation & she said " I'm so happy you got me!"  

Voila! We shall start our journey to put together the parisian bridal look that she has always dreamt of. 

As my mood continues to "feel" the energy of a parisian bride, we were presented with the royal wedding of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle 3 weeks later. It was an event that I was waiting for as I was wondering what she would wear & to my excitement, she was to me what I would call a parisian bridal look! The exact definition that I was trying to sum up in the above 4 points I mentioned and is it truly one of the most beautiful bridal look. 

I will continue my work on the parisian bridal look and I believe this is definitely going to stay.. We are moving into the era of minimalism and effortless beauty. It is so fresh and so evergreen to just have that certain je ne sais quio in you on your big day!