Start & Save Your Heirloom - bridal jewelry!

An heirloom is a valuable object that has belonged to a family for several generations. I simply love heirlooms’ and particularly jewelry because it is just beautiful!

In South East Asia, wedding jewelry is important as a sign of beauty and esteem. But the culture is slowly fading.. almost forgotten. Some brides would leave it to the parents to decide & most often it clashes with the wedding dress design & color. You could either be proactive and discuss in advance with the family as it can be a delicate matter or propose that you will start designing a special piece to be worn on the day.


As I work with brides in styling and preparing for the wedding, I came up with the idea of designing the bridal jewelry with traditional intricacy to match with the bridal kebaya. For the first collection, I went for the important piece and that is the “subang” ( in english - stud earrings) inspired by my grandmother’s and a pearl subang with vintage filigree.


The subang actually works well with any modern or traditional bridal dress. This classic piece of jewelry worn on your wedding can be shared in the family for several generations and creating your very own heirloom.

I advocate on keeping with the tradition and with a little tweak, making it relevant in today’s world. So, design your own jewelry that would work with your attire/theme & everything from head to toe is well put together on your big day.

Special tip: If you want to get the real vintage jewelry, I used to scout around small- town - jewelry shops in Malaysia to find the authentic vintage jewelry. Something like what my grandmother used to wear.


Alin Anuar